Wall Furnance

Wall Furnace is a gas heating appliance which is vertically mounted on the wall and flued up through the ceiling. There are two different sizes which are used to heat either small or large living rooms. These heating units have a power flue and will heat the room relatively quickly. These heaters are often chosen when home owners only require a living room to be heated.

Our qualified tradesman can service your wall furnace to ensure it’s operating at an optimum level extending the life of your wall furnace.

Our service will include:

24/7 Service

Clean internal components of the appliance, including the fan, ignition, and flame sensor.

Qualified and Licensed tradesmen

Inspection and assessment of the appliance.

Fixed price

Test and confirm that the ignition and the pilot light are both operating correctly.


Inspect and test gas supply.


Inspect and test burner pressures and confirm flue is operating correctly.


Perform carbon monoxide to ensure no dangerous gases are escaping into the house and putting your family at risk.

Interest Free Finance

We know that home repairs and expenses can come up unexpectedly, we understand that you need your heating or cooling system fixed straight away and some customers may not have the finances readily available. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers interest-free finance to help reduce the stress of unexpected costs of home maintenance and repairs.

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Gas Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is the most preferred mode of heating as it will heat your house the fastest, it is ideal for any home configuration whether it is a small house or a large open plan house with multiple living rooms.

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Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Reverse cycle cooling is the best way to cool your entire home. This type of cooling unit uses inverter technology to also heat your home and is powered solely by electricity.

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Split/Multi-head Air Conditioning

Split air conditioners are reverse cycle(electric power source) which offer both heating and cooling for whichever room the unit is installed in. These single units are very popular and they are cheaper than installing a ducted system.

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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is the most popular form of cooling as it is efficient and has low running costs. This form of cooling is ducted ensuring cooling is achieved throughout the whole house.

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Duct Repairs, Replacement and New Installations

Ducting is essential for the delivery of good airflow for heating and cooling throughout your home. When your heating or cooling system is installed,

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Gas Log Fireplace

Gas log fireplaces are a small heating appliance that is often installed in living rooms, entertaining rooms and sometimes master bedrooms.

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Space Heaters

Space Heaters are small gas heating appliances that are very efficient and offer radiant heat, they are ideal for small living rooms and are flued through the roof.